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About iMiGiNE

Towards Personalized Molecular Imaging


iMiGiNE® is part of the Medical Systems Division of PMB. The human-sized company was founded in 1998 and it specializes in the design and manufacture of complex mechanical assemblies for the Medical, Research and Industry fields. PMB has developed a strong expertise on the brazing of dissimilar materials such as ceramic-metal or metal-metal, as well as on the design and manufacture of RF components. After several technological improvements made on the cyclotron Oscar (Oxford Instruments), PMB designed the cyclotron iMiTRACE.

PMB and ALCEN group

Project iMiGiNE was launched in 2013, with the French academic partner CEA – Atomic Energy Commission – and the industrial partner SigmaPhi (magnetic systems manufacturer). It is partially funded by Bpifrance, a governmental financial institution dedicated to supporting innovation in small and medium-sized enterprises.              

In 2016, the automated PET radiopharmaceutical production system iMiGiNE was launched commercially as a global solution combining a cyclotron, a radiochemistry module and a quality control device.  

PMB is a subsidiary of the family-owned industrial group ALCEN, working in the fields of Defense & Security, Energy, Medical & Healthcare and Aeronautics & Space.


PMB-Alcen-Peynier-Rousset-imigine-radiochimie-imagerie moléculaire-médecine personnalisée-cyclotron

Molecular Imaging Today

The idea of creating iMiGiNE originated from a simple assessment: the variety and accessibility of radiopharmaceuticals we use for PET imaging today is limited. Therefore, the treatment offered for patients is also limited or even inadequate. We want to help medical centers and research facilities to break new ground in PET imaging, by providing them with various radiopharmaceuticals which can target different pathologies and enable a personalized diagnosis.