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18 feb 2021

ISOTRACE Cyclotron: 2100 patients in 2020 and 0 days off

cimgua guadeloupe isotrace cyclotron first cyclotron Caribbean islands 12 MeV pet imaging

In 2017, we installed and commissioned cyclotron ISOTRACE, the first cyclotron in the Caribbean Islands. This allowed Guadeloupe to produce its own FDG and F-Choline at the Molecular Imaging Center (CIMGUA), granting the local population the possibility to undergo PET scans without having to travel overseas.

Since then, our people and equipment have delivered exceptional reliability and uptime.


SNMMI 2021 (Virtuel)

from 12 to 15 Jun 2021

United States

JFMN 2021

from 01 to 03 Sep 2021


EANM 2021

from 20 to 23 Oct 2021

ESRR 2021

from 18 to 21 Nov 2021