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06 jul 2023

Partnership with Eckert & Ziegler AG and PentixaPharm GmbH

microfluidic, radiopharmaceutical, therapy, iMiDEV, iMiGiNE

After promising results obtained on the iMiDEV microfluidic synthesizer, Eckert & Ziegler, Pentixapharm and PMB announce their partnership on an innovative project. The three companies have signed a letter of intent demonstrating their willingness to collaborate together in order to offer a cutting-edge solution for the synthesis of radiopharmaceuticals for the therapy.


15 mar 2022

Meeting the challenges of tomorrow’s medicine is now made possible with the iMiGiNE system installed in Nancy

We are proud to have partnered with Nancyclotep and provided their state-of-the-art technical platform with an iMiTRACE cyclotron and an iMiLAB radiochemistry. These systems will allow us to promote the research and development of new molecules of clinical interest, specifically for theranostics and VIRT. 

12 may 2021

PMB and CEA Announce the Commissioning of iMiGiNE at Frederic Joliot Hospital (Orsay), Paving the Way for Next Generation Molecular Imaging Diagnostics

imigine radiochemistry cyclotron cea shfj research radiopharmaceuticals

An automated radiopharmaceutical production system iMiGiNE has been installed in Frederic Joliot Hospital (CEA) in Orsay, France and commissioned in December 2020. This disruptive system will revolutionize the radiopharmaceutical production, access and distribution. iMiGiNE will allow clinical centers to directly access disease-specific radiopharmaceuticals, otherwise rarely available, and take a first step towards personalized molecular imaging.


05 may 2021

An iMiGiNE system installed at Frederic Joliot Hospital in Orsay, France

cyclotron radiochemistry installation commissioning CEA SHFJ Orsay Frederic Joliot

It has already been a busy year for the teams at PMB! We have finished installing and commissioning a full iMiGiNE system at the Service Hospitalier Frederic Joliot (CEA) at the Orsay Hospital, France, our long-standing partner. 

18 feb 2021

ISOTRACE Cyclotron: 2100 patients in 2020 and 0 days off

cimgua guadeloupe isotrace cyclotron first cyclotron Caribbean islands 12 MeV pet imaging

In 2017, we installed and commissioned cyclotron ISOTRACE, the first cyclotron in the Caribbean Islands. This allowed Guadeloupe to produce its own FDG and F-Choline at the Molecular Imaging Center (CIMGUA), granting the local population the possibility to undergo PET scans without having to travel overseas.

Since then, our people and equipment have delivered exceptional reliability and uptime.