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CIMGUA: Molecular Imaging Center of Guadeloupe

cimgua-guadeloupe-molecular imaging-pet scan-cyclotron

The Molecular Imaging Center of Guadeloupe (CIMGUA) is the first imaging center to be equipped with a 12 MeV cyclotron for on-site radioisotope production, as well as a PET scan to perform examinations. This allows residents as well as the local population to undergo PET scans without having to travel to France or another country for the exam. 

First cyclotron in the Caribbean Islands

PMB has designed, manufactured and installed the first cyclotron in Guadeloupe and in the Caribbean Islands. It is a 12 MeV cyclotron with an external targetry, used for 18F radioisotope production. Also equipped with conventional synthesizers, CIMGUA is able to produce batches of 18F-FDG everyday for its patients.