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Automated Radiopharmaceutical Production System for PET Imaging


PET imaging is one of the most powerful and least invasive ways of observing the metabolic activity of an organ and a tumor or any cells in body tissue. Today, the radiopharmaceutical molecule widely used in PET imaging is 18F-FDG (FluoroDeoxyGlucose), which is produced in large-size cyclotrons and distributed by major private centers. Financial and technical constraints limit the use of more than 200 other molecules that could be of clinical interest. Medical and research centers are unable to use more specific molecules, with an often short half-life. This limited access has direct consequences on patient care: less specific radiopharmaceuticals, less adequate treatment. 


  • It combines a cyclotron iMiTRACE with a radiochemistry room iMiLAB
  • Superconducting magnet technology, external self-shielded beam
  • Automated target changer
  • Automated syringe dispenser, including high-precision activity measurement and traceability

For a few years now, with various collaborators, PMB has been designing and developing a cutting-edge automated system for the production of radiopharmaceuticals used in PET imaging and theranostics. More than just another radiopharmaceutical dispenser, we have envisioned a system designed to improve and optimize patient care, while providing new grounds to further research in the medical imaging field. Compact and fully robotized, it offers an alternative to the heavy traditional radiopharmaceutical production processes and grants imaging centers access to a variety of molecules, at a low cost. Due to its proximity with patients and research centers, iMiGiNE will help better detect and characterize diseases.


iMiTRACE Cyclotron

  • Accelerates Particles to 12 MeV: ideal energy for the production of 18F, 11C, 68Ga, 13N
  • He-free Superconducting Magnet
  • 4 External Targets
  • Self-shielded targetry
  • Lightweight and Compact
  • Reliable

Specifically designed for imaging centers, the cyclotron iMiTRACE grants them access to an on-site radiopharmaceutical production system. Reliable, stable and compact, iMiTRACE is entirely designed and manufactured at PMB. With a self-shielded, 4-port targetry and equipped with a helium-free superconducting magnet, iMiTRACE is the result of many technological improvements made to the cyclotron OSCAR (Oxford Instruments). 


iMiLAB Radiochemistry

  • Microfluidic-Based Synthesis
  • Automated Syringe Filling
  • Self-shielded
  • Reduced Radiation Exposure
  • Multiple Radiopharmaceuticals Produced with 18F, 11C, 68Ga and more

The radiochemistry room iMiLAB is compact and self-shielded. Entirely robotized and GMP compliant, the iMiLAB radiochemistry room utilizes microfluidic techniques capable of producing diversified radiopharmaceuticals in an automated synthesis box and in sterile cartridges with onboard precursors and solvents. It is capable of synthetizing multiple molecules on a same-day basis, with a decreased need in staff.