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The new medical imaging platform in University Hospital of Nancy

Founded in 2007, Nancyclotep develops and offers solutions ranging from R&D to clinical studies and production, enabling to meet the needs for the transfer of radiopharmaceuticals to the clinical setting.

Nancyclotep features state-of-the-art facilities including a radiochemistry and radiopharmacy laboratory, a preclinical studies platform, an industrial production laboratory, 3 PET-scans, an e-learning laboratory offering innovative solutions and a hospital environment enabling immediate access to both medical competencies and patients for clinically useful technological applications.

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Situated on the site of the University Hospital of Nancy (France), Nancyclotep features:

  • a hospital environment providing an immediate access to high-caliber medical expertise as well as to patients for technological applications for clinical use
  • state-of-the-art equipment together with a radiochemistry and radiopharmacy laboratory, a platform for pre- clinical studies, an industrial production laboratory, a high-quality imaging fleet
  • an e-learning laboratory offering innovative solutions

Partnership with PMB

PMB-ALCEN and Nancyclotep join forces to meet the challenges of tomorrow's healthcare and nuclear medicine to:

  • promote the research and development of new molecules of clinical interest
  • improve and optimize iMiGiNE's industrial processes and operations in a hospital environment
  • participate in the transition from conventional to personalized medicine, specifically for companion tests related to targeted treatments