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An iMiGiNE system installed at Frederic Joliot Hospital in Orsay, France

05 may 2021
cyclotron radiochemistry installation commissioning CEA SHFJ Orsay Frederic Joliot

It has already been a busy year for the teams at PMB! We have finished installing and commissioning a full iMiGiNE system at the Service Hospitalier Frederic Joliot (CEA) at the Orsay Hospital, France, our long-standing partner. 

  • The cyclotron commissioned for both 18F and 11C productions 
  • The first fully automated syntheses using iMiLAB radiochemistry have been carried out 

iMiGiNE will allow the research hospital to develop and access more disease-specific radiopharmaceuticals, and to boost their research and production capacities. 
We’ve also had the opportunity to film our equipment in action and interview the teams at the SHFJ_CEA.
Stay tuned for the sneak peek!

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